Painter and sculptor Stephan Andreas was born in the fringes of East Berlin at a time when the first plaster crumbled down the Berlin Wall. His work explores greed, crisis and downfall as well as human convention. It has been exhibited at Spring Studio New York; Alchemical Theatre Laboratory and Funkhaus Berlin amongst others. He completed his undergraduate studies in social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He is a recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, which has enabled his arts studies at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, where he majored in arts and public policy.
Exhibitions |

    Kurfürstendamm Karree, Berlin, Charlottenburg "Character" 2017

    Art und Weise, Berlin, Neukölln "Anantomy Sketches" 2016

    Les Cousins Fous, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg "Hände - Diener der Tat" 2016

    504 Gallery, UK, London "Portraits Group Exhibition" 2016

    COFFI, Berlin, Performance Exhibition "Stehaufmaennchen" 2015
    Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin, Gruppenausstellung "Unbound" 2014
    Spring Studio SoHo, New York, Gruppenausstellung "The Battle of Drawing" 2013
    Alchemical Laboratory, New York "Trauma: The Burden of Impossible Memory" 2012
    Jerry H. Labowitz Gallery, New York "Narrowed Augmentation", 2011


Residents |


    Dacia Gallery, New York, Figure Painting Intensive, 2014
    School of Making Thinking, New York, 2012
    Modern Arts Foundation, New York, 2013
    Spring Studio Soho, New York, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Publications |
    ARC Magazin, Art Recognition Culture, The Caribbean, 2012
    Ripped Art - G11, New York, 2011
    smArt Action, New York, San Juan, 2012


Awards |
    Modern Arts Foundation, Fantasy Fountain Fund, 2013
    Alchemical Laboratory, Research Scholarship, 2013
    NYU Gallatin Dean's Scholarship, 2012
    Fulbright, Foreign Research Scholarship, 2011


Degrees |
    Arts & Public Policy, NYU, New York, 2014
    Social Work, ASH, Berlin, 2012


Mentor |


    Robert Palevitz,The Sylvan Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina
    Minerva Durham, Spring Studio Soho, New York
    Greg Wyatt, Modern Arts Foundry, New York