Statutory health insurance: The costs of psychotherapy are covered by the statutory health insurance funds.Statutorily insured persons have a right to a therapy place within a reasonable period of time (usually three months) with a contract therapist of the health insurance funds. If no therapy place is available, the health insurance must cover the costs of treatment in a private practice (§13.3 SGV V).If this case applies to you, I will be happy to assist you in applying for reimbursement.Privately insured: The health insurance company covers the costs of psychotherapy.Individual insurance conditions should be requested directly from the health insurance company before therapy begins.


Persons with state aid insurance: The state aid office covers the costs of psychotherapy.Self-payer: 50 minutes - 100,55 Euro (according to the scale of fees for psychotherapy GOP)Cost absorption by the Youth Welfare Office: The Child and Youth Welfare Act (KJHG) also stipulates psychotherapeutic assistance. The application is made at the responsible youth welfare office in your district of residence. The determination of a need for therapy is made by one of the three specialized services: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service (KJPD), School Psychological Service (SchPD) or the Educational and Family Counseling Center (EFB).The costs for the therapy are then covered by the youth welfare office.


Psychotherapy is exempt from VAT as curative or preventive treatment according to § 4 No. 14 letter a UStG.